Have a cosy night at some of Japan’s finest hot springs

Kuroishi’s hot springs have water so good you’ll never want to get out. The hot springs are naturally heated and purported to have various health benefits thanks to the minerals the water contains. Here are some of the beautiful and unique hot springs Kuroishi has to offer.

Kanesada Ryokan

Kanesada Ryokan is a quaint hot spring inn in Kuroishi’s hot spring area. Dinner and breakfast feature a generous variety of different local dishes. You’ll always have a great time here with its charming owner.

Lamp no Yado Aoni Onsen

Hidden deep in the Aoni Valley, Aoni Onsen is a hot spring free from distractions. No electricity or internet, just you and nature. As the sun sets, the inn is illuminated by over 100 oil lamps. A stay at Aoni Onsen is a real opportunity to switch off and have a tranquil experience that often can’t be had anymore.

Tabi-no-yado Saikawa

The owners are so welcoming you’ll feel as if you have gained a new family in Japan. The authentic Japanese-style food is healthy, and vegan and vegetarian options are also available.

Kazen no Sho

Kazen no Sho is a hot spring hotel that boasts beautiful tatami flooring and intricate designs throughout the entire facility. Combined with its garden that’s spectacular every season makes for a lavish experience. The baths here are extra spacious and will leave you feeling like you have the whole hot spring to yourself. The hotel is also situated right next to the Tsugaru Traditional Craft Center and the Tsugaru Kokeshi Museum.